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Coolest Thing On The Internets Of The Day

Ever wish you could dress up your favorite stars? What would you do if you were the stylist for celebrities like Johnnie Depp, Amanda Bynes, Camilla Parker-Bowles, Bo Bice, or Nicole Richie, just to pick a few names at random from this awesome site.

Playing with this stuff is like being a little girl again. But I also get to snark at celebrities, which is always adult time fun.

Charlize with red hair and Pat Benatar lipstick/eye shadow? I just click a few boxes and there she is. And she looks awful. Maria Sharapova as a goth? Horrible.

Want to watch manic Angelina on the catwalk? Look in the games section. You can change her clothes instantly as she marches to an unheard soundtrack.

Craziest thing though. Even with access to Jessica Simpson's wardrobe, I still can't find a damn thing to wear.